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Final Destination 2: Movie Review

Final Destination 2: Movie Review

Final Destination 2 Theatrical Poster

Final Destination 2 (2003)

New Line Cinema

Director: David R. Ellis

Running time 90 mins.

Genre: Horror

Starring: Ali Larter, A. J. Cook, Michael Landes, Keegan Connor Tracy, Jonathan Cherry, James Kirk, Lynda Boyd, Justina Machado, Sarah Carter, TC Carson, David Paetkau andTony Todd.

The film takes place one year later after the Flight 180 curse from the first film. While on vacation, Kimberly Corman experiences a vision of a mass pile-up on the highway on which she is travelling. She blocks the entrance ramp to the highway so that motorists who would have otherwise died are spared. No one believes Kimberly until a mass pile-up happens on the highway just like in her vision. Soon the survivors who would have perished in the highway crash start dying in mysterious ways, the premise being that you can’t cheat death, even to its personification.

For every beginning there is an end

I like every Final Destination movie. And the second part is I don’t like the most. Even though the movie was a great sequel to the first. New bizarre, weird and freak accidents started to happen. Suspenseful plot of the series, and a decent cast of characters.  It was a great sequel to the original movie, though. Yeah, I can say that. But seriously, I don’t like this one.

The plot and suspense in the story was great. Mainly, the first main accident. The Highway pile-up wherein a truck carrying loads of logs accidentally scattered the logs and the accident started to happen. A girl named Kimberly had a premonition about the bloody pile-up and saves several people. And then here’s where the plot is getting very suspense and thrilling, they started to die one-by-one (every Final Destination movies does that, wink)

Final-Destination-2-5The good thing in Final Destination 2 is the main character is starting to see clues that can save the lives of death has been targeted.

If they save one, they can intervene and maybe it can skip them. But really, they can’t cheat death.. twice.

I can say that this is a crowd please because they said that this movie did a great job to be the second installment of the first one.

New freak accidents can totally freak you out, besides you can even cheat death for the second time. Or fail, and die like all of the survivors from the first one except one. Clear Rivers who got saved and she was in the second installment. I can say you can’t predict what might happen in a movie, that’s where the excitement rises up.

This movie is better on the first one but not better on the third installment. I’m sorry but I have to say that, because in other ways I can truly say that this movie lacks of effects and maybe the story itself.

But the good thing is, it was different than the other 3 movies, this is the only movie wherein the main character is still alive. They won, they cheated death and death wasn’t able to kill them.

We don’t know what might happen if they’re coming back or not, if they’re still alive. Or are they dead at the moment by now.

Final-Destination-2-9 The movie was a success though, as a sequel to the first one. It was really a big bang to the movie screens. Especially for those who really loves horror and gory movies.

A must-see movie and worth it at the same time, of course I don’t give negative comments to movies, because I know they did their best job just to improve the coolness of the movie.

Nonetheless, this movie gave us the scream-of-your lives scenes and it freaked out us every single time. No one beats the originality and the concept of the story of Final Destination series. Every movie has a great experiences for our own. Every part has a lot of weird and freak accidents. It was gory all the time.

I give this movie a 6/10

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Quarantine: Movie Review

Quarantine Theatrical Poster

Quarantine Theatrical Poster

Quarantine (2008)

Screen Gems

Director: John Erick Dowdle

Running time: 89 mins.

Genre: Horror

Starring: Jennifer Carpenter, Steve Harris, Jay Hernandez, Johnathon Schaech, Dania Ramirez, Rade Serbedzija, Greg Germann, Bernard White, Columbus Short, Sharon Ferguson, Jermaine Jackson, Marin Hinkle, Joey King, Denis O’Hare and Jeannie Epper.

Story: Television reporter Angela Vidal and her cameraman are assigned to spend the night shift with a Los Angeles Fire Station. After a routine 911 call takes them to a small apartment building, they find police officers already on the scene in response to blood curdling screams coming from one of the apartment units. They soon learn that a woman living in the building has been infected by something unknown. When the quarantine is finally lifted, the only evidence of what took place is the news crew’s videotape.

“Contain The Truth

One of the most horrifying and stand-up-in-your-chair movies I’ve ever soon. When I saw the theatrical poster, I was like.. whoa I’m gonna watch this movie. Why? Because I know that the movie had caught my attention very well. Especially the taglines on the poster? That “On March 11 2008, the government sealed off an apartment in Los Angeles. No Deatils. No Witnesses. No Evidence. Until now” Very catchy right? It will surely catch up all of your attentions.

Quarantine received a lot of movie reviews from different professional critics. The movie was a tense, full intense. I can say it was the best of 2008. Quarantine is better than other remakes like the Shutter, and the Eye. It was pretty entertaining because it was a horror zombie flick.quarantine2

I enjoyed the movie with fairly enough expectations. Because I am a big fan when it comes to horror movies. Quarantine was horribly superb and excellent movie. A good adaptation of the film Rec (Spanish 2007) It was really amazing, seriously Jennifer Carpenter is the right girl to play Angela. She was fantastic! She made the movie more fun and awesome.

The shaky camera did a great shot in this movie. But if you don’t like shaky cameras like the ones in Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield, then I’m telling you, don’t watch this movie if you don’t like shaky cameras. Because that is the bomb you know, it has put some great effect on the movie. That splatter of the blood in the cameras can totally freak you out. So, that’s one of the effects I mostly like in Quarantine.

The Actors. Most of the actors in zombie and horror flicks must definitely be an awesome actor/actresses. And that’s Jennifer Carpenter and Jay Hernandez. Good thing is, they’re the one who is picked to play the role of Angela and Jake.

There’s one thing important in this movie: The THRILL and SUSPENSE. The scare level never go down, you were asking yourself” What will happen next! What will happen next!” You’ll never get bored in this movie. Instead you will increase the thrill and suspense. Because you don’t know what will happen next in the movie. Who will die, and who will survive. Is it a closed ending or an open ended movie?  You decide what will happen at the end of the story. If Angela will survive or she will die.

quarantine_450x300 The movie was very successful, believe it or not it grossed out 37 million. and it means the movie hits the bang. Very good at those person who really loves zombie flicks and horror. It will surely freak your soul out. If you’re scared enough, don’t try to watch this movie kay?

So, I’ll give this movie a 8/10 Very Awesome.


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Final Destination 3: Movie Review

Final Destination 3 Theatrical Poster

Final Destination 3 Theatrical Poster

Final Destination 3 (2006)

New Line Cinema

Director: James Wong

Running time: 92 min.

Genre: Horror

Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman, Kris Lemche, Alexz Johnson, Amanda Crew, Texas Battle, Chelan Simmons, Crystal Lowe, Sam Easton, Maggie Ma, Gina Holden and Jesse Moss.

Story: The story is set six years after the Flight 180 curse from the first film. Wendy, a soon-to-be graduate from McKinley High School, enjoys a Grad Nite visit to an amusement park with her friends, Carrie and Kevin and her boyfriend, Jason, before their graduation. Whilst there, one of the friends has a camcorder and Wendy has a regular camera taking pictures of their visit. Wendy and her friends decide to ride on a roller coaster which has a talking devil statue at its entrance which unsettles Wendy.

“This ride will be the death of you”

The most horrifying gore movies of all time. One of the most awesome part in the Final Destination series. James Wong, the director of 1 and 3. Did a great job putting all the stuff in this movie. New Death Scenes will mostly horrify you, more bizarre and weird accidents will star to happen and new victims of death will die one-by-one in a moment of time.

The best part is, the main accident will happen at a Carnival on a rollercoaster ride. We all know some of us are afraid of riding those kind of rides. This is where the thrill will be in action, Roller Coaster is a good idea, the movie is set in motion with those scenes from the roller coaster with the bang. With Wendy’s premonition, the story gets exciting every time another person died.

I can say the third installment was better than the two past movies of Final Destination. It was a tough choice to pick a best one, but for me. This was the best among the rest, it was so unique. But unfortunately, the was movie was predictable in some other ways. Because we all know that Final Destination movie is that a girl/boy sees a vision about how they die and death chases them and then they die. End of the story, but this time they added a couple of twists in the story.


Erin's Death Scene with a Nail Gun

I enjoyed the movie, it made me says “Ew. Gross” at the same time, but mostly I was amazed on what they put in the movie. That photo vision Wendy has, it was cooler than just seeing things with a simple vision.

There will be more slice-and dice, slashing, burning and stick-that-nails-to-her-face scenes. And it also involves Nail guns, of course. and Roller Coaster, a Tanning Bed, Train, Gym, Spear, Horse and utterly provocative fireworks.

The good thing is they didn’t ran out of ideas where these teenagers will about to die. Let’s say, their deaths. One-by-one death is chasing after them and they’re chasing death back. Who doesn’t enjoy Final Destination movies? Well, this is a must-see movie, if you want to freak yourself out then you better watch this movie.

I’m not judging or criticizing this movie, or the movies a rated/reviewed. I’m just sharing my thoughts on what I’ve learned or did I enjoy the movie myself? I’m sorry if I made this movie review a rush, I’ll post more reviews as soon as possible. Hope you like it guys.

I almost forgot, I’ll give this movie a 7.5/10

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Movie Review

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Theatrical Poster

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Theatrical Poster

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2009)

Warner Bros.

Director: Tim Burton

Genre: Fantasy and Adventure

Running Time: 115 min.

Starring: Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore, David Kelly, Helena Bonham Carter, Noah Taylor, Missi Pyle , James Fox, Deep Roy and Danny Elfman, Christopher Lee, Adam Godley, Franziska Troegner, AnnaSophia Robb, Julia Winter, Jordan Fry, Philip Wiegratz, Liz Smith, Eileen Essel and David Morris

Story: Charlie Bucket is a poor boy who lives near the Wonka Candy Company. The company’s owner, Willy Wonka, has for long closed access to his factory due to problems concerning industrial espionage that led him to fire all his employees, among them Charlie’s Grandpa Joe. One day, Wonka informs of a contest, in which Golden Tickets have been placed in five random Wonka Bars worldwide, and the winners will be given a full tour of the factory as well as a lifetime supply of chocolate, while one ticketholder will be given a special prize at the end of the tour.

“Willy Wonka Is semi-sweet and nuts”

This is why I like Tim Burton as the most coolest and greatest director of all time. And also Johnny Depp for being a good actor. I like Johnny Depp, I like all his movies and one my favorite is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, wherein there’ll be many sweet candies and wild oompa-loompas. In this movie, originally made by Roald Dahl (Thanks to his huge imagination) who is one of the eccentric authors I’ve ever seen.

This movie will be a delicious treat for your family, and the most sweetest adventure you’ve been experiencing. The movie itself was fantastic. Tim Burton deliver us some fun and experience. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is way more cooler and way more “fun” than the original movie. Although it was in late 70’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory brought us some fun too. But in this film adaption Charlie and the Chocolate Factory brought us more fun.

Charlie_the_Chocolate_Factory.sizedStarring, Freddie Highmore as Charlie and Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka was a good combination. They brought us the deliciously treat that Tim Burton had directed. Although they added a twist and renamed the movie as “Charlie” wherein “Charlie” is now the new owner of the factory. He’s a poor boy who has a grandpa who worked on the factory years ago.

Charlie Bucket

Freddie Highmore did a great job in this movie. as the main character himself, his role was a little poor boy who got lucky, and the fifth to find the last and final ticket. His journey was awesome, why? He became the new owner of the factory that Willy Wonka had been working for so long. He was so lucky he was there, and he was so lucky that Willy Wonka gave the factory to him.

Violet Beauregarde

The good thing is, AnnaSophia Robb is the one who gave an awesome shot to Violet. The second one who found the Golden ticket on this movie. Violet is describe as loud and noisy in the movie. Where she is a gum-chewing kiddo who is bratty at the same time. She ate that bubble gum that’s changing it’s flavor to different meals and dessert. She didn’t listen to what Willy Wonka has said. She turned into a giant blueberry and she got a flexible body but violet. I like Violet Beauregarde, one of the most coolest fantasy characters by Dahl.aph_29

Mike Teavee

Played by Jordan Fry, his role in this movie was a television fanatic and loves video games. He is the fourth one to find the Golden Ticket. He didn’t care about the tour at factory. He didn’t care at all. All he want is to be in front of the computer and play video games. However in the movie, he was teleported to a small television that Willy Wonka had invented. and he was turned into a thin giant person. Poor little Mike.

Veruca Salt

Veruca, who is a spoiled brat by a rich company owner. Played by Julia Winter, Veruca demands what she wants. She have a extreme behavior, bratty of course. His father, who is always ready to give Veruca what she wants. She was the third kid who find the Golden ticket. In the tour, She demands a squirrel. and then by her extreme behavior she was beaten by a battalion of squirrel and trashed her down into the garbage chute.

Augustus Gloop

They said Augustus was a “gluttonous overeater”. Besides, that is true. He’s a fat kid who loves to eat, he seems to be healthy though. He was the first kid who found the golden ticket. However in the movie, he is also the first one who got kicked out from the factory. He was sucked up by a giant pipeline on a chocolate river. Poor Augustus.

4571DA must see movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Kids will totally enjoy this movie, even I enjoyed the movie myself. It was awesome and it was delicious. The movie is unpredictable, it’s originality.. and the unique ideas.

So, this movie was a worth it. Good for all ages, and for your family too. This movie is full of surprises, candies and sweets. Even squirrels and oompa loompas. Roald Dahl brought us some wild imagination. and that’s Willy Wonka.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 9/10 & Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 5.5/10

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“Revenge is a dish best served cold”

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Just a quick blog post everyone. I saw this photo quote on Tumblr. After reading it, I got inspired. Yeah we all know revenge is something that we should or we shouldn’t do unto others. Because you know why? Sometimes, If you really have to plan a revenge, then do it. No one is stopping you, unless you have the right to make a revenge to that person. Don’t plan a revenge if that person has done nothing to you. Or completely nothing, because it’s not good. Especially, if that person is your close friend. They might think that you are a backstabber or a backfighter. So better not to mess up with your close friends. Because there’ll be a time that you and your friend will not be friends anymore. Or else, you’ll be an enemy to him/her. That’s it. I’m gonna post soon, hope you like the quotation.

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The Final Destination: Movie Review


The Final Destination (2009)

New Line Cinema

Director David R. Ellis

Running time: 84 min.

Genre: Horror

Starring: Bobby Campo,Shantel VanSanten
Haley Webb, Nick Zano, Krista Allen, Andrew Fiscella, Jessica Ritchie, Lara Grice, Stephanie Honore, Justin Welborn, Jackson Walker, Mykelti Williamson.

Story: A young man sees a vision of he and his friends dying at a race track. They escape, only to discover Death is hunting them down one by one.

“Just because you know it’s happening, doesn’t mean you’ll see it coming.”

First things first, I don’t know where to start. Okay, who doesn’t like Final Destination series? Yeah I know everybody likes the past 3 movies while others find the fourth movie “a simple, yet boring movie”.

First when I heard that the director of Final Destination 2 will be the director of this movie.. I thought it will be a mess. Because seriously, I don’t like the second movie. But the story was cool, so I like it. Good job direct Ellis.

Flying tire

Flying tire

This is a very good movie, but it was not good enough to be the fourth and final franchise of the movie series. You will enjoy the movie because it’s on 3D, or it can disappoints you for wasting your money for this movie.

The story kicks out from a guy who is seeing visions that there will be a huge crash on the racetrack. They survived because of him (Nick; played by Bobby Campo), and then afterwards the survivors started to die one by one until they reach their Final Destination.

The Visuals (3D Effect) 5/5

Good thing they put this movie on 3D, full effects. Awesome graphics, awesome effects. You will feel that you’re in that same situations as the actors. Blood will pop out on the screen, more gore will be seen and will jump out on your face. You will be experiencing crushing, slicing, burning, impaling and decapitation and some pop-out-of-your face 3D effect. Very good idea, it’s nice that they made it 3D. But this 3D gimmick was originally planned for Final Destination 3.

The Story 2/5

Too bad the movie lack of originality. It’s more like Final Destination 3: The Second Death, more like that. The story disappointed me though, because more likely, it has no originality than the past 3 movies. But if this is your first time to watch a Final Destination movie, then you will get excited to the other 3.


The Actors 3/5

The actors are the most important characters in a movie. In this movie, Bobby Campo and Shantel VanSanten made a great job for this movie. They gave their best, their shots. Nick Zano made this movie great too, without them the movie will sucks, big time. But the script can make you laugh.

The Death Scenes 5/5

Final Destination will be useless if there’s no any death scenes in the movie. Here’s the awesome part of this movie. New bizarre and gruesome deaths will freak you out. Especially when you watch this movie on 3D, you will be amazed by the amazing effects they put on this movie. The death scenes on this movie are way more awesome than the other death scenes from the past 3 movies. The race track, the pool scene and the escalator scene was a kick ***. and that girl who gets her head popped out by a flying tire. That’s gross but cool death scenes.

The racetrack scene was the main accident in this movie, tires and engine will impale people. Car crashes, and the whole stadium is destroyed. This is the part were you will enjoy the 3D.

The pool scene, Hunt (Nick Zano) this was my favorite part of the movie wherein his intestines got sucked by the pool – Spoiler. Highlight if you want to know.

Escalator scene

Lastly, that escalator scene, wherein that girl is sucked by the escalator This is the best and the most memorable death scenes of the movie.

Overall 3.5/5

You will enjoy the movie if you’re a hardcore fan of the movie series. But I admit it, I enjoyed the movie myself. This movie gave us two mega massacres. The racetrack scene and the other one is at the ending. But it’s so sad that they showed all the death scenes on the trailer, and that will take away the thrill of the audiences. A very good movie.

If you will watch this movie, better watch it on 3D. Because you know, you might waste your 1 hour and a half of your life in theaters. Overall, this movie will be the bang. But unfortunately, I think this is the last installment of the Final Destination series. So, better not to miss this.

I give this movie a 7.5/10 Fair enough.

Death saved the best for 3D

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First Post

Hello, sunshine. The earth says hello. I’m Mark and this is my Blog at WordPress, I have a Blogspot but I’m not using it anymore so I moved here. I’m a Blogger of course, I rant things. So beware guys, but hell no I’m not that dangerous.

I will post random stuffs like Movies, Reviews or whatever is happening on this world. I’ll post it even if it’s funny or not funny, scary or anything like that. But this blog is also my personal blog. So I guess that’s all. If you want to know more about me, just go the Mark who? page. and read that whole paragraph I wrote for about 30 minutes. Yeah seriously, it took me 30 minutes to think of an exciting and serious informations about me.

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Hopefully together, we can save the world. Together with Darth Vader and Willy Wonka. Where dark minds crosses over fantasy chocolate factory. Just like Marvels and Disney unites. Wherein you can see the Disney Princesses fighting foes and Spidey wearing Mickey’s ears.

Peace out.