Posted by: Mark | September 11, 2009

Final Destination 2: Movie Review

Final Destination 2: Movie Review

Final Destination 2 Theatrical Poster

Final Destination 2 (2003)

New Line Cinema

Director: David R. Ellis

Running time 90 mins.

Genre: Horror

Starring: Ali Larter, A. J. Cook, Michael Landes, Keegan Connor Tracy, Jonathan Cherry, James Kirk, Lynda Boyd, Justina Machado, Sarah Carter, TC Carson, David Paetkau andTony Todd.

The film takes place one year later after the Flight 180 curse from the first film. While on vacation, Kimberly Corman experiences a vision of a mass pile-up on the highway on which she is travelling. She blocks the entrance ramp to the highway so that motorists who would have otherwise died are spared. No one believes Kimberly until a mass pile-up happens on the highway just like in her vision. Soon the survivors who would have perished in the highway crash start dying in mysterious ways, the premise being that you can’t cheat death, even to its personification.

For every beginning there is an end

I like every Final Destination movie. And the second part is I don’t like the most. Even though the movie was a great sequel to the first. New bizarre, weird and freak accidents started to happen. Suspenseful plot of the series, and a decent cast of characters.  It was a great sequel to the original movie, though. Yeah, I can say that. But seriously, I don’t like this one.

The plot and suspense in the story was great. Mainly, the first main accident. The Highway pile-up wherein a truck carrying loads of logs accidentally scattered the logs and the accident started to happen. A girl named Kimberly had a premonition about the bloody pile-up and saves several people. And then here’s where the plot is getting very suspense and thrilling, they started to die one-by-one (every Final Destination movies does that, wink)

Final-Destination-2-5The good thing in Final Destination 2 is the main character is starting to see clues that can save the lives of death has been targeted.

If they save one, they can intervene and maybe it can skip them. But really, they can’t cheat death.. twice.

I can say that this is a crowd please because they said that this movie did a great job to be the second installment of the first one.

New freak accidents can totally freak you out, besides you can even cheat death for the second time. Or fail, and die like all of the survivors from the first one except one. Clear Rivers who got saved and she was in the second installment. I can say you can’t predict what might happen in a movie, that’s where the excitement rises up.

This movie is better on the first one but not better on the third installment. I’m sorry but I have to say that, because in other ways I can truly say that this movie lacks of effects and maybe the story itself.

But the good thing is, it was different than the other 3 movies, this is the only movie wherein the main character is still alive. They won, they cheated death and death wasn’t able to kill them.

We don’t know what might happen if they’re coming back or not, if they’re still alive. Or are they dead at the moment by now.

Final-Destination-2-9 The movie was a success though, as a sequel to the first one. It was really a big bang to the movie screens. Especially for those who really loves horror and gory movies.

A must-see movie and worth it at the same time, of course I don’t give negative comments to movies, because I know they did their best job just to improve the coolness of the movie.

Nonetheless, this movie gave us the scream-of-your lives scenes and it freaked out us every single time. No one beats the originality and the concept of the story of Final Destination series. Every movie has a great experiences for our own. Every part has a lot of weird and freak accidents. It was gory all the time.

I give this movie a 6/10


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