Posted by: Mark | September 5, 2009

First Post

Hello, sunshine. The earth says hello. I’m Mark and this is my Blog at WordPress, I have a Blogspot but I’m not using it anymore so I moved here. I’m a Blogger of course, I rant things. So beware guys, but hell no I’m not that dangerous.

I will post random stuffs like Movies, Reviews or whatever is happening on this world. I’ll post it even if it’s funny or not funny, scary or anything like that. But this blog is also my personal blog. So I guess that’s all. If you want to know more about me, just go the Mark who? page. and read that whole paragraph I wrote for about 30 minutes. Yeah seriously, it took me 30 minutes to think of an exciting and serious informations about me.

I’ll keep you updated y’all. See you on twitter, meet me, talk to me. @SpellGabb

Hopefully together, we can save the world. Together with Darth Vader and Willy Wonka. Where dark minds crosses over fantasy chocolate factory. Just like Marvels and Disney unites. Wherein you can see the Disney Princesses fighting foes and Spidey wearing Mickey’s ears.

Peace out.



  1. yah.. lets save the world.. hehe..

  2. Interesting blog.

    (Don’t be surprised btw. I found your blog through wordpress’ tags)

    I also read your “Mark who?” page. You say I can call you whatever I want? Haha. I’ll think of a cute — but annoying — name for you. I’ll let you know 🙂

    Welcome to btw! You’ll love it here, you absolutely MUST. I don’t know why but I am anti-blogspot. I believe wordpress is more professional. Although, the content of what I write might not be.

    • Thanks 🙂

      Okay what name is it? Be sure it will be nice.

      Actually, I don’t like blogspot either. But I’m not an anit-blogspot, 😉
      Yeah wordpress is more professional than the other blog sites.
      I visited your blog, cool by the way. 😀

      • I’m thinking “Markie Mel”… Ah I like that name. Very cute 😛

        Say thank you lol.

    • LOL 😛 Why Markie Mel? I.. don’t like it 😀

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